4 Reasons To Visit The Arsenal Emirates Stadium


Emirates Stadium is the home of the world-famous Arsenal Football Club. Whenever there is a football match, the stadium gets filled with tens of thousands of football fans and bring life to the entire venue. If you can visit this stadium during a football match, you can witness the electrifying atmosphere over there. Well, what makes Emirates Stadium so special? Let’s find out the top four reasons to visit it.


  1. Emirates Stadium is one of the most advanced venues

According to football specialists, Emirates Stadium is considered to be one of the most modern venues dedicated to football. In fact, it is considered to be the third-largest stadium (of any type) in the UK (while Wembley and Twickenham are the largest). Those who visit the stadium can take a look at the players entrance, the diamond club area, director’s box, players’ tunnel, changing room of the home team, dugout of the home team, press room, media lounge and flash interview rooms. Around the venue, there are plenty of other vendors located to offer varies amenities. You can get an idea about those vendors by going through any London business directory.


  1. Emirates Stadium’s Museum

Emirates Stadium has an extensive, fascinating museum that contains many items donated by world-renowned, celebrity players who have a very special place in the history of Arsenal. For instance, it comprises of the goalkeeper gloves of the Jens Lehmann. This is the pair of gloves he wore during the 2003/4 season which was the famous season of  ‘The Unbeatables’. Also, it has the boots worn by Michael Thomas, the jersey worn by Charlie George during FA Cup Final (1971). In addition to that, it has plenty of other remarkable items and that’s why the museum is a must-see for any individual, especially for Arsenal fans.


  1. The Tour

Another specialty associated with this exceptional venue is the tour they offer. When you take the tour, you can go the behind the scenes of Arsenal Football Club. Then, you can get a snapshot of Arsenal and share their fantastic experiences had during match days. This tour is offered in the form of a self-guided audio tour. You will get the option of taking a place in the home changing room and go through the tunnel. Then, you can experience the splendid roar of tens of thousands of fans.


  1. Emirates is the home for Arsenal

The other reason to visit the Emirates stadium is that it is the home for Arsenal Football Club. If you are a fan of this prestigious football club, you should pay a visit to their home ground and show your respect and indulge in the atmosphere of London’s finest.


The venue is closed during match days. So, be aware of the closure dates, times and special occasions before making plans. Also, they offer both self-guided and audio tours which are available in 9 different languages (including British Sign Language). Well, if you have any plans to visit London, make sure you have enough time to visit Emirates Stadium as well, it is an experience that will not soon be forgotten!

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