How To Educate Your Child About Money

Financial Education In The Development Of Children

Whilst financial education is by no means the only part of the development of a young adult, it should be an important part nonetheless. Consider some suggestions on how we can communicate the subject of money, wealth, and value to the next generation of business owners.

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Teaching Kids About Money - 5 Tips

The key to filling all 5 steps is communication - both verbally and by example. Try being a well organised example of mature financial handling, and then communicate the lesson to your young person.

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How To Educate Your Child

A child will be more successful in life if they see the benefits of applying what they learn, rather than by memorising thoughts.

children don't receive adequate financial education

Not Enough Institutional Financial Education

According to the Financial Times, "Four out of five students say they are not taught enough practical money lessons in schools"
inadequate educational resources for children

Inadequate Resources

According to Fincap, "Many schools and colleges would like to increase their financial education offer but they are hindered by a busy timetable and curriculum and a lack of skills and knowledge."

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Poor Communication

According to the Bank of England: "Only a quarter of children in the UK enjoy learning about money at school, according to a new survey."

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