What Companies Are Headquartered In London?

Dominated By Finance And Energy

When it comes to the question of what companies are headquartered in London, the situation is fluid, in that companies, and especially their headquarters, can change so that one year's response will be different from the next.

However, at the time of writing, the mixture of headquarters consisting of mainly Finance and Energy firms, is led by HSBC. HSBC, a leading company in the financial world, has a reported $2.715USD  in assets.



Next on the list is the Energy giant, Royal Dutch Shell. Although strictly speaking, based in the Netherlands, Shell is incorporated in the UK and has 344.9 billion USD (2019) Revenue, a mouth watering global commercial giant.


Another of the Energy "Supermajors" appears next on the list in the form of BP. With revenue of 282.6 billion USD (2019), this giant brings substantial cashflow through the UK capital. Founded on 14 April 1909, it is currently led by Bernard Looney.



 The final two on our list are Financial Players, Barclays and Lloyd TSB Group. Barclays had 21.63 billion GBP (2019) in revenue, much smaller than the previously mentioned Energy Giants, however, still a figure not to be sneezed at. Lloyd TSB Group had revenue of 17.14 billion GBP (2019), however, as an employer of a reported 65,000 (2020), it nonetheless forms an integral part of the UK economy.


What Is The Biggest Company In London?

.. A Familiar Name

When it comes to the question of what is the biggest company in London, a familiar name comes up. This is because HSBC ticks a lot of boxes, notably in our last section.


Forbes List And Rank


Being the biggest company in London is a title that doesn't come easily. As such HSBC has a 2020 Forbes List appearance at number 1, and a Forbes 2000 rank of 44, ahead of such tip of the tongue brands such as British American Tobacco, and GlaxoSmithKline.


Global Revenue


With a reported Global revenue of $67.2 Billion USD, this Financial giant is a mainstay of the 'Financial Capital'.

What Is London Known For In Business?

A Reputation Enhanced By It's Main Players..

A leader in global finance, London has good reason for this long-lasting reputation.


For the question of what is London known for in business, the previously mentioned Financial Powerhouses contribute massively to it's status as a, if not the, Financial Capital of the World.

The reasons are obvious – London is a financial power player where Citibank, Barclays and HSBC have their headquarters, and funnel billions of dollars (and pounds) through.


The Contribution of Fintech


What exactly is 'Fintech'?  This term relates to "Financial technology" which is the technology and innovation that has emerged with the goal of competing with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. With it's role as Financial Capital, it's no wonder that  London is quickly becoming renowned as the home of Fintech companies such as Transferwise, GoCardless and Market Invoice.

What Is The Easiest Business To Start?

Starting Your Own London Business....

 When it comes to starting businesses in London, you might want to consider the following:


Event Planning. ...Although recent events have had a severe impact on the local economy, one of the more successful business startup ideas of recent years has been event planning. As a big city, London has many events, both small and large. As such, there is usually room for additional startup businesses in this area.


Gardening and Landscaping Services. ...As a busy city with a large section of commuters, many residents don't have the time for garden care and landscaping. Although there are massive amounts of properties without gardens, there are sufficient numbers, especially in the suburbs to keep Gardening and Landscaping businesses occupied.


DJing. ...As with the aforementioned large number of events, especially with weddings and other parties, music arrangement is a large market. As such, great quality DJs are in demand, and are well worth considering as an option for a startup business.


Painting. ...Renovations are always a high need, especially with the economic boom of the last few decades, and the rise of renovation tv programmes. As such, Painting remains a viable option for those looking to become self-employed, however it will involve an apprenticeship.

What Companies Are Headquartered In London?
What Is The Biggest Company In London?
What Is London Known For In Business?
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