With the transfer window slamming shut on Friday, the weekend threatens a weekend of turmoil, with local EPL Football Clubs adapting to new team members.

So, with this in mind, consider our predictions for London clubs in action this weekend.


Leicester v Chelsea (Saturday 12.30pm)

Leicester have had less of a solid time of late, Chelsea too have been marked by inconsistency.

So, home advantage will surely contribute to the outcome. However, recent inconsistencies could mean that neither team has the confidence to dominate. Both teams are managed by a top coach, but it’s hard to see either team controlling the match.


Our Prediction: 1-1


A.F.C Bournemouth v Aston Villa(Saturday 3pm)

With both teams marked by poor runs, confidence will likely be a contributing factor to this match. With only 2 points separating the teams, and relegation in the back of the team’s minds, it’s likely to be a close one…unless someone capitulates.

Therefore, although the match could go either way, home advantage may just give Bournemouth the edge.


Our Prediction 2-1


Crystal Palace v Sheffield United (Saturday 3pm)

Ordinarily, we would have to say that Sheffield would control the game. However, 2 factors may inhibit this. Firstly, a canny manager in Roy Hodgson. Secondly, home advantage.

Despite those two advantages, the way that United dominate, or try to dominate, matches should just give them the edge in this one. It’s hard to see Palace having a team that is strong enough to counter United, despite the experience and skill of Roy. With this in mind, we expected Sheffield to edge Palace…just.


Our Prediction 1-2


West Ham United v Brighton & Hove Albion(Saturday 3pm)

David Moyes usually is an excellent scrapper. However, things are taking some time to settle in his oversight of the Hammers. Recent losses may well play on the confidence of the team. Brighton, only 2 points ahead of West Ham, are also looking over their shoulders at a relegation battle.

Clearly, this is not going to be a match marked by individual brilliance. However, whoever has the better fighting spirit should get all 3 points. We trust Moyes to have the experience and determination to secure home ground advantage on this one.


Our Prediction 3-2


Burnley v Arsenal(Sunday 2pm)


Burnley are a fighting team. Currently 13th in the table, they will scrap until they die. They won’t however, realistically, be title contenders anytime soon. Ordinarily, I would expect them to secure home ground advantage to land 3 points against a whimsical Arsenal. However, this is no longer a whimsical Arsenal.

Yes, Arsenal do have injuries. But, what they do have is a manager with a fighting ethic, and a squad that has responded to that spirit, embracing the passion, pace, and endurance that Arteta demands.

I expect Burnley to come out, all guns blazing. However, the constant high press of Arsenal should slowly wear down the blunt force trauma that is a Burnley attack. In the end the Gunners should edge it. In recent times, Arsenal have not been able to sustain their game plan for 90 minutes, but the last couple of games has seemingly corrected this, and they should fight to the end.


Our Prediction 1-2


Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City(Sunday 4.30pm)

Mourinho is a manager with a great track record. However, so is Guardiola, even more so, perhaps.

These two great managers have a similar problem at the moment…consistency.

Tottenham have made some good signings, but they will take time to settle. Manchester City have a great squad, but have been under performing of late. We will say this, though, it’s common for teams to have an off year after a great year, and City are no exception. However, their dip in form is a lot more modest that teams such as Chelsea and Leicester have experienced in recent years. This is all testament to great players, and an even greater manager.

With the back slapping aside, we expect an inconsistent City to get past an under performing Spurs, even with home ground advantage.


Our Prediction 1-2


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