When it comes to Football, London is the home of football. In fact, the meaning of football itself is “beautiful game” and also known as soccer all over the world. For London, football is not just a sport, but a tradition where the best football teams, compete in several leagues and divisions to come out at the top. In London, you can find up to thirteen professional clubs and other semi-professional clubs with over a hundred amateur clubs.

The success and electrifying experience from football in London can be attributed to the management bodies. Football clubs in London are regulated by London football Association, which regulates football teams within its area, including men women and junior football teams. Middlesex County Football Association also regulates and as well promotes football; their aim is to increase participation in the sport of football around the area of Middlesex both in quality and quantity. There is also the Surrey County Football Association and finally Amateur football Alliance, an England based county football association aimed at maintaining the vigor and energy of armatures.

Most of these associations control and manage football clubs in their district, a tradition that also has affected the naming of these football clubs. Clubs in London are named according to the area or district they play. Underlisted here is some of the London football clubs.

Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea Football Club - London Local Businesses Directory

Based in Fulham, London and known as the blues, Chelsea was founded in 1905, Chelsea competes in the top division of English football in the Premier league. In terms of achievement, you can consider Chelsea as one of the most successful team in the whole of England. They have come out top in the champions league about six times bagging over 30 competitive honors. In Europe, Chelsea is also established with six European Trophies and play Home in Stamford Bridge.

As far back as 1955, Chelsea won the league championship, their first winning in the lime light. They continued to win by coming out top in The FA cup in 1970 and as well got their First European Honor. The following year in like manner, they became UEFA champions. Of all the London football clubs, Chelsea is one of those that have won all the three main competitions held by UEFA and good enough to be the only club that has won the champions league.

Chelsea is the sixth most valuable football club in the world and as well the sixth team with the largest fan base. With an earning of over €428 million, they are the eight highest-earning football club both in the world.

Tottenham Hotspur


Spurs - London Business Directory

Many football enthusiasts reckon the famous “Spurs” to be one of the best in football history. They are among the professional football teams that compete in the Premier League there in their new home, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium since April 2019. Before then, the White Hart Lane on the same site served as their home stadium before it was demolished. Unlike Chelsea that is owned by a Russian Billionaire, Tottenham is owned by the ENIC group, a limited company, and founded in 1882.

The first cup they won was the FA cup in 1901 and came out the only non-league club to do much since the formation of the football league in 1888. Another prestigious winning for Tottenham was the League, and FA cup double, a feat that has no team has achieved as of then since Aston villa (1897).

They are the first British club to win a major trophy in Europe, the European Winners Cup in 1963. They continued a winning spree in 1970 where they won the Football League Cup on two occasions and come to think of it; they also ceremonial winners od the UEFA cup in 1972. The next decade for them was also about winning a from the 1980’s down to 2008. They came out to have won at least a trophy in the last six decades after beating Chelsea in the final round of Football League Cup.


These are just two of the most famous London Football Clubs. And we haven’t even got onto the Gunners, West Ham, and Fulham! Yes, London is the home of Football, make sure that next time you visit, you take in a game of skill…and history, you’ll surely be glad that you did!

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