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We specialise in listing local London plumbers in your area, so you will be able to find a great plumber who can attend to you very quickly! But, which type of plumbers do we list?


  • We list commercial plumbers
  • You can also find residential plumbers
  • And, you can find an emergency plumber for those inconvenient disasters!

Rating A Plumber


If you use a plumber that you find in our directory, why not let others know about your experience? You can easily leave a review, either on the page itself, or by sending us an email – thereby helping your local community find the greatest local plumber to them!

All ratings must be verified, to prevent fraudulent reviews, malicious negative SEO, and other nefarious activities. Once you have submitted your review, it will be live, and seen on the website wishing twenty four to forty eight hours!


Fake Listings

Sometimes unfortunately, people list duplicate businesses, or the businesses actually close. If you find a plumbing business like that, why not email us so that we can alter, or remove the listing? Remember, our listings are within your control! We only want truly local ‘plumbers near me’, so that our readers and subscribers can find the best, and most reliable services in their area.


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How To List Your Service Here


What, though, if you are a local plumber?

You can easily list your business here by clicking on ‘Add Your Listing’ at the top of the page! We welcome all local plumbing services, and your listing can cost you absolutely nothing! So, what are you waiting for? Get listed today and start growing your business!

And, if you want to take your business to the next level, you can get a very affordable listing where you can come first in the search results anytime that someone searches for ‘plumbers near me’!


Whilst Looking For ‘Plumbers Near Me’ Consider Some Plumber Quotes!


“There are far too many people in university in Britain. If you want to make money, be a plumber.”

Felix Dennis


“I remember my uncle used to work pouring concrete and as a plumber. Now, I don’t see uncles working as plumbers or pouring concrete no more. Let’s open up some trades for these youngsters that are getting out of school that are not gonna go to college.”



“Anna would be just as happy with me if I were a plumber. As a matter of fact, when she married me, I was working at a bank and living at home. I didn’t move out until I was 29!”

Ray Romano


“In Cleveland there is legislation moving forward to ban people from wearing pants that fit too low. However, there is lots of opposition from the plumber’ union.”

Conan O’Brien


“My mother’s dad dropped out of the eighth grade to work. He had to. By the time he was 30, he was a master electrician, plumber, carpenter, mason, mechanic. That guy was, to me, a magician. Anything that was broken, he could fix. Anybody anywhere in our community knew that if there was a problem, Carl was there to fix it.”

Mike Rowe



How To Choose A Good Plumber


When choosing a ‘plumbers near me’, how can you find a reliable operator, rather than a ‘fly by night’ operator? A good choice is to check the qualifications of the plumber that will be sent, but what qualifications should you look for?

Previously, the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) were the ‘go to’ plumbing qualification until they replaced in 2008 by the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) and this was then replaced, in 2015, into the National qualifications frameworks in the United Kingdom. The terms NVQ and SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualification), which have been part of the local culture for so long, are still widely used.

Regarding hands on training, Plumbers in the UK must have passed Level 2 and Level 3 vocational training provided by the City and Guilds of London Institute. Regulation in the United Kingdom is quite well organised, with organisations that are providing accredited plumber qualifications, including City and Guilds of London Institute and Pearson PLC.

Before hiring a plumber, it is good to see what training the plumber actually has, and what qualifications they currently hold.

A further option is to ask for references from the plumber who will be sent, but what exactly should you ask for?


Ask the plumber for local references from customers who live near you, these are easier to verify, and are indicative of how the plumber is held reputation wise in your local area. Another key add on to that advice is to ask for references who won’t have any objection to being contacted regarding their reference, thereby minimising the chance of fake reviews or appraisals!



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